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Artikel-Nr.: B28PYRAM5CHA
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EZ Foam pyramidal 5 acoustical foam

CHF 25.00
CHF 18.00 *

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Artikel-Nr.: 28BASSTRAPCHA

EZ Acoustics Basstrap 600mm grey

CHF 56.00
CHF 25.00 *

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Artikel-Nr.: 28DIFFUSER

The diffuser EZ Diffuser 1QR is molded plastic designed to scatter or disperse acoustic energy through out a given space.

The special design of the EZ Diffuser 1QR redirect and redistribute sound waves throughout the room, helping to eliminate hot-spots and dead-spots while maintaining a true “live” sound.

The EZ Diffuser 1QR allow you to create an effective treatment of diffusion in your room.

The EZ Diffuser 1QR is a lightweight diffuser and very easy to install. It is ideal for rooms such as home theaters, music listening rooms, band and chorus rooms, recording studios and any facility requiring good acoustical performance.

CHF 90.00
CHF 35.00 *

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Artikel-Nr.: 28DIFFUSER2

EZ Diffuser 2QS / 60 x 60 x 15cm
Material: Polystyrol

CHF 90.00
CHF 35.00 *

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Artikel-Nr.: 28PYRAM10FR

EZ Foam Pyramidal 10 FR  has a unique surface pattern that is matching and seamless when installed.

EZ Foam Pyramidal 10 FR  is a powerful sound absorber that dramatically reduces echo, reverberation and standing waves in all types of facilities

EZ Foam Pyramidal 10 FR  gives you one uniform look to a treated wall, and is ideal for any application where sound absorption and aesthetics are both considerations.

Available in color Light Grey with M1 fire rating. EZ Foam Pyramidal 10 FR is available in sheets measuring 60 cm x 60 cm and 10 cm. thickness.

EZ Foam Pyramidal 10 FR is ideal for public spaces.

CHF 77.00
CHF 40.00 *

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Artikel-Nr.: 28BASSTRAPFR

EZ Foam Bass Trap FR (Basotect) is designed for sound absorption at low frequencies.

These bass traps are designed to fit in 90-degree corner of a room and come in 60 centimeters height and 30 cm. depth.

The installation of these bass traps is quick and simple.

The EZ Foam Bass Trap FR can simply rest on the floor in the corners of the room. Or it may be placed on the wall with the help of the EZ Adhesive or EZ Fastners.

These bass traps are commonly used in the broadcast and recording industries as well as home theaters.

CHF 139.00
CHF 55.00 *

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